Most Powerful Navies in the World

Navies play a key role in the maritime defense of countries with sea access. They dominate other by the kind of technology they have.

Battleship, Us Navy, Broadside, Firing, Navies.
US Navy Battleship Alabama Firing Shells

Majority of the countries in the world maintain a navy. But not every one is as powerful as the other one. Global navies are compared to each other by the number of ships they are maintaining along with manpower and technology.

Us Navy, Sailors, Lined Up, Line, Row, Navies
US Navy Sailors

Here is our list of the world’s 10 most powerful Navies:

  1. United States Navy
  2. People’s Liberation Army Navy (China)
  3. Russian Navy
  4. Indian Navy
  5. Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force (Japanese Navy)
  6. French Navy
  7. Royal Navy
  8. South Korean Navy
  9. Italian Navy
  10. Turkish Navy.
Hms Hood, Photo, History, Vintage, Retro
Royal Navy (UK) Battleship HMS Hood