Most Powerful Armies in the World

An Army is the most important part of any country’s armed forces. It is also the main force towards maintaining the domestic security and sovereignty of any any country.

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A soldier of the United States Army during a drill

Almost every country in this world has its own army. But not every army is the strongest in the world. So, an army’s power can be compared with other’s by comparing its man-power, technology advancement, equipment count.

Here, we have presented the world’s 20 most largest and strongest Armies by comparing each other. We have taken ranked each country basing mainly on its active-personnel.

Most Powerful Armies in the world are:

  1. Indian Army
  2. People’s Liberation Army Ground Forces
  3. U.S Army
  4. North Korean Army
  5. Russian Army
  6. Pakistani Army
  7. South Korean Army
  8. Iranian Army
  9. Vietnamese Army
  10. Saudi-Arabian Army
  11. Egyptian Army
  12. Myanmar Army
  13. Indonesian Army
  14. Royal Thai Army (Thailand)
  15. Turkish Army
  16. Venezuela Army
  17. Brazilian Army
  18. Moroccan Army
  19. Colombian Army
  20. French Army