Warsandweapons.com gives insights about the greatest battles ever fought by the mankind and the weapons used in those war-fares!! The circumstances that led to the world’s greatest wars are deep and it is our sincere attempt to put light on those dark corners.

Wars are always disastrous and leave no benefit to the winning side either. But every battle ended in the history raised a curiosity and our effort is all about giving you the right information. Though war is destructive, its conclusion abolishes the out-dated norms and social stigmas while new doctrines come up for the best of mankind!!


About the Founder- Mohit V

Mohit is a teenage enthusiast who has a craving for History and Human Civilization from the Stone age till date.

The greatest wars of mankind have created an intrigue in him and their devastation has ruffled his mind.

He wanted to get the right information but had to scour the web! But he was often left disappointed, due to lack of details!

His appetite for History has given rise to an idea of having a website that details about WARS AND WEAPONS.

Keep visiting this site and we are sure Mohit can do wonders in updating interesting information about this craft!

-Mohit’s parents