Air Planes- Death From Above

Air planes are the main components of any country’s air force. They are the key to maintain air superiority during wartime and special operations.

Fighter Jet, Fighter Aircraft, Air Planes
A USAF F-16 Multi-role Fighter Jet

Aircrafts are used by different country’s military forces for different purposes. There are 13 different types of air planes used by global air forces. They are:

  • Fighter Aircraft
  • Attack Aircraft
  • Bomber Aircraft
  • Transport Aircraft
  • Trainer Aircraft
  • Surveillance Aircraft
  • Reconnaissance Aircraft
  • Electronic Warfare Aircraft
  • Search and Rescue Aircraft
  • Command and Control Aircraft (AEW&C Aircrafts)
  • Aerial Refueling Aircraft
  • Multi-role Aircraft
Delta Wings, Aircraft, Stealth Bomber
A USAF B2 Stealth Bomber. Picture-