Special Forces: More trained and more deadly

Special Forces are special units of a country’s military. They conduct special operations and tasks. Some of these tasks are- Airborne operations, reconnaissance missions, counter-insurgency missions, counter-terrorism missions, rescue operations, hostage-rescue missions, Intelligence operations, etc.

Almost every country has its special forces. It may belong to any branch of the military or the security forces. Here is our list of world’s top 15:

  1. British Special Air Service (SAS)
  2. U.S Navy Seals
  3. Russian Alpha Group
  4. Sayeret Matkal (Israel)
  5. Russian Spetsnaz
  6. French National Gendarmerie Intervention Group (GIGN)
  7. Indian MARCOS
  8. U.S Delta Force
  9. Pakistani SSG
  10. GIS (Italy)
  11. Polish GROM
  12. Special Boat Service (Britain)
  13. GSG 9 (Germany)
  14. Spanish GOE
  15. JTF2 (Canada)