Russia-Ukraine War: If Russia did this, it might have won the war by now!

If Russia had done this, it might have captured Ukraine way earlier? Russians now seem to have picked up momentum, they could probably save them all this trouble.

Sukhoi Su-35,
Russia’s Su-35 Fighter Jets. Picture Courtesy:

Russia-Ukraine War: Many military experts and think tanks believe that a modern day invasion of any country requires AIR SUPERIORITY. Russian Military failed to achieve air superiority early in the war. This weakened many of Russia’s fierce advancing attempts towards the Ukrainian capital and deeper into the Ukrainian countryside.

If Russian Air Force had conducted SEAD (Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses) Missions, then they might have achieved their goals at the timeline they had expected.

FIM-92 Stinger

The Ukrainians successfully stopped Russia from achieving air dominance with western help. Even though Ukraine does not have an impressive amount of warplanes and fighter jets, they made sure that there were enough air defence systems in their arsenal. FIM-92 Stinger being the primary missile system has caused Russia’s aerospace forces a lot of damage. Stingers are man portable which make them undetectable and highly mobile. Ukraine also has some Soviet-era S-300 air defence missile batteries.

S-300 Missiles
Ukraine’s S-300 Grumble Air Defence Batteries. Picture Courtesy:

But, this has changed in recent times as Russia is now focusing more on air dominance. Russian military has captured important cities in Ukraine’s south which has affected Ukraine’s imports and exports. Russia also destroyed weapon depots which were meant to fuel the Ukrainian War machine!

Either way, the longer this war drags on, the more it adds to human suffering in Europe and the world.

Note: This is article is not to hurt any group or nationality of people. This is just a military analysis based on the predictions by various think-tank organizations.

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