Russian Navy- Sea warriors of the Russian Federation

Russian Navy is the naval warfare branch of the Russian Federation. It is the second most powerful and largest navy in the world. Its main functions are naval warfare, power projection and nuclear deterrence.

Russian Navy Fleet during Victory Day Celebrations

The current military maritime fleet of the Russian Federation shortly called the Russian Navy came into existence after the Soviet Union was dissolved in the late December of 1991. Before the dissolution of Soviet Union, this strong navy was called the Soviet Navy.

Akula-class submarine - Wikipedia
Russian Akula Class Nuclear Fast Attack Submarine. Picture Courtesy: wikipedia


Today, the Russian Navy is the second most powerful in the world with a massive Arsenal of ships and other equipment along with reasonable manpower. Currently, there are 148,000 naval personnel serving in the Russian Navy.

Russian Naval Infantry - Wikipedia
Russian Naval Infantry during victory day parade. Picture Courtesy:

Current Fleet:

Russia also owns a massive fleet of naval ships. Russian Navy has 1 aircraft carrier in service, 1 battle-cruiser, 3 cruisers, 15 destroyers, 10 frigates, 81 corvettes, 50 nuclear powered submarines along with 4 special-purpose submarines.

They also have 46 mine countermeasures vessels, 43 patrol vessels out of which one is patrol ship and others are patrol boats. This massive fleet also includes 15 special-purpose ships and 32 landing crafts.

Is the Russian Navy in Serious Trouble? | Warsaw Institute
Admiral Flota Kuznetsov- Russian aircraft carrier and flagship. Picture Courtesy:

The RN has 180 aircraft out of which almost 70 are helicopters. Russian Navy’s Headquarters is the Admiralty Building in Saint-peters burg. Admiral of the Russia’s Naval fleet is the Commander-in-Chief of this massive navy. The motto of RN is “God and St.Andrew’s flag are with us”. It is divided into 4 fleets and one flotilla. They are:

  • Northern Fleet
  • Pacific Fleet
  • Baltic Fleet
  • Black Sea Fleet
  • Caspian Flotilla.

Russian has played a major roles in many wars and conflicts. It is also one of the most advanced navies with massive conventional and nuclear capabilities.

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