Turkish Navy: Guarding Turkey’s maritime interests

The Turkish Navy is the sea warfare branch of the armed forces of the Republic of Turkey. It is the 10 strongest navy in the world. Its main role is to safeguard Turkey’s maritime territorial sovereignty and integrity.

Turkish Navy commissioned second rescue ship, TCG AKIN. - Naval News
Turkey’s warships at port. Picture Courtesy: navalnews.net.

It was officially formed in 1081 under the Ottoman Empire. It was kept inactive by the allies for some time after the end of First World War. Turkish Navy has 48,000 active naval personnel and 51 aircraft (including planes and rotor-wing aircraft) under the naval air arm.

It maintains 16 frigates, 10 corvettes, 12 submarines, 19 missile boats, 16 patrol boats, 11 mine counter-measure vessels, 33 landing ships and many other auxiliary ships.

How Turkey became a strong naval power in recent years
One of Turkey’s two amphibious assault ships under construction. Picture Courtesy: trtworld.com

Turkey has 2 amphibious assault ships under construction. These can also act as light aircraft carriers President of Turkey is the Commander-in-Chief of the Turkish Navy. Ankara is its headquarters. Motto is “Always Ready”.

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