World Famous Intelligence Agencies

Intelligence agencies play a key role in ensuring security of the homeland against any internal and external threats. They conduct espionage, gather vital information and carry out assassinations of high-value targets sometimes. Most importantly, they guide military organizations in ensuring national security.

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They also establish intelligence assets in enemy or hostile countries under false information and identities to watch the enemy activities closely. Almost every country in the world has its own intelligence agencies. But, not all of them are efficient, powerful and successful in their tasks.

Here is our list of world’s top 10 intelligence agencies:

  1. MI6- Britain
  2. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)- USA
  3. Federal Security Service (FSB)- Russia
  4. Mossad- Israel
  5. BND- Germany
  6. Directorate General of External Security (DGSE)- France
  7. Research and Analysis Wing (RAW)- India
  8. Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS)- Australia
  9. Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)- Pakistan
  10. Ministry of State Security (MSS)- China