World Famous Military Operations

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There are number of military operations performed by different organizations and militaries of different countries until now. But, not every military operation is that special. So, we have brought here a list of world’s most famous and well military operations which left their mark:

  • Operation Chastise
  • Operation Polo
  • Operation Cactus
  • Operation Entebbe
  • Dozier Rescue Operation
  • Operation Hiroshima Nagasaki
  • Operation Vijay
  • Operation Smiling Buddha
  • Operation Moluccan Train
  • Operation Mogadishu Rescue
  • Operation Eagle Claw
  • Operation ‘Bay of Pigs’.
  • Operation NIMROD
  • Operation Paperclip
  • Operation Wireless Ridge
  • Operation Valkyrie
  • Operation Anthropoid
  • Operation Wrath of God
  • Operation Urgent Fury
  • Operation Just Cause
  • Operation Achille Lauro
  • Operation Neptune Sphere
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Special Forces Operatives during a strike operation rehearsal