Italian Navy: Maritime Warriors of Italy

Italian Navy is the naval warfare branch of Italian Republic. It is the 9th strongest navy in the world. Its main role is naval warfare, power projection and protecting the maritime interests and borders of Italy.

Italian aircraft carrier Cavour, the newest flagship and the largest ship  of the Italian Navy. (wikipedia.image) 5.16… | Navy carriers, Aircraft  carrier, Navy ships
Flagship of the Italian Navy- Cavour Light Carrier. Picture Courtesy:

It was founded in 1946. It turned from the navy of the kingdom of Italy to the navy of republic of Italy after Italy’s defeat in Second World War. IN has made its place into the list of world’s top 10 navies with a total of 185 ships (including auxiliaries) and 30,923 active duty naval personnel.

Construction starts on Italian Navy's seventh FREMM frigate
Italian Navy’s FREMM class frigate. Picture Courtesy:

IN maintains two light aircraft carriers namely cavour (flagship of the Italian fleet) and Giuseppe Garibaldi. Both of these are light weight STOVL carriers. The 185 ships operated by the Italian Navy includes 2 carriers, 3 amphibious assault ships, 4 destroyers, 13 frigates, 8 attack submarines, 10 offshore patrol vessels, 10 mine countermeasure vessels, 4 coastal patrol ships and many other auxiliary ships.

Aircraft Carrier Giuseppe Garibaldi (551) Italian Navy - Porte-Avions  Marina Militare | Navy aircraft carrier, Aircraft carrier, Navy ships
Italian Navy’s Light Carrier- Guiseppe Garibaldi. Picture Courtesy: pinterest.comn

Its motto is “Fatherland and Honor.” The Chief of Staff of the Italian Navy, is its commander.

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