Indian Army: The largest standing army in the world

The Indian Army is the land fighting force of the Republic of India.It is the largest component of India’s Armed Forces and is responsible for the homeland security or domestic security of India. It had also participated in many rescue missions, reconnaissance missions, counter-terrorism operations and counter-insurgency operations.

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Indian Army Para SF during Republic day parade. Picture Courtesy:

IA was founded on 1st April 1895. It was merged with the British Army and came to be known as the British-Indian Army. The name was changed later when India got independence in 1947. The motto of IA is “Service Before Self.”

Indian Army is the second largest standing army in the world and President of India is its Supreme-Commander. It is headed by the Chief of Army Staff (COAS). It has 1.2 million active military personnel and 960 thousand reserve military personnel.

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Indian Army Regiment marching at republic day parade. Picture Courtesy:

Headquarters are located in Indian capital of New Delhi. Indian Army has seven Commands distributed in different parts of the country. They are:

  • Central Command-Lucknow
  • Northern Command-Udhampur
  • Eastern Command-Kolkata
  • Western Command-Chandimandir
  • Southern Command-Pune
  • South Western Command-Jaipur
  • Army Training Command-Shimla

When it comes to equipment, IA has 4500 tanks, 6800 Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs) and 5000-8000 artillery guns.

Indian Army to induct 464 upgraded T-90 'Bhishma' tanks
Indian Army’s T-90s at republic day parade. Picture courtesy:

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