Islamic Republic of Iran Army Ground Forces

Islamic Republic of Iran Army Ground Forces shortly known as the Iranian Army is the land-warfare branch of the Iranian Armed Forces. It was formed after Iran got independence when Ottoman Empire was dissolved after First World War.

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Ground Forces of Islamic Republic of Iran Army. (Picture Courtesy:

The Iranian Army is the 8th largest standing army is the world with a total of 700,000 personnel out of which 350,000 are active personnel and 350,000 are reserved personnel.

Iranian Army’s main function is to maintain the domestic security of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Its headquarters is located in Iranian capital of Tehran.

Iranian Army’s motto is “All for One, One for All, All for Iran”. Iranian Army Ground Force is commanded by the top most rank that is Brigadier General.

It has participated in many UN peace-keeping missions, rescue missions, counter-terrorism missions, counter-insurgency missions and reconnaissance missions.

When it comes to equipment, Iranian Army has a satisfactory amount of ground weapons. Iranian Army has 3000 tanks, 1550 Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFVs), 2200 towed artillery units, 365 self-propelled artillery units and more than 1500 Multiple Rocket Launch Systems.

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