Russian Air Force: Air warriors of Russia

Russian Air Force is the aerial warfare branch of the Russian Federation. Its main function is to maintain aerospace security of Russian Federation.

Russia to hold Victory Day Parade on June 24 — Putin - Russian Politics &  Diplomacy - TASS
Russian Air Force Personnel marching at Victory Day Parade. Picture Courtesy:

It was formed on 7th May after dissolving Soviet Union and the Soviet Air Force.It is the world’s second strongest air force after the United States Air Force. It is responsible for safeguarding Russian Aerospace.

Russian Air Force to Receive the First Production Su-57 in 2018 - Defense  Update:
Russia’s high tech 5th generation stealth fighter aircraft. Picture Courtesy:

It has performed several reconnaissance, surveillance, rescue, bombing and air combat missions and known for its superior avionics technology and its state-of-art air defences.

What is Russia's S-400 Triumf system all about? - The Hindu
Russia’s State-of-art S-400 Triumf Air defence system. Picture Courtesy:

Russian Air Force is the second largest in the world with 4163 active aircraft and 148,000 active personnel. Its Headquarters are located in Russian capital city of Moscow.

Russian Air Force Receives Upgraded Six MiG-31BM Fighter Jets - MilitaryLeak
Russia’s MiG-31 Intercepter-Bomber. Picture Courtesy:

Russia has a well developed military industry. This allows them to develop state-of-art aircraft for all purposes indigenously. It has large variety of aircraft in service. As of attack aircraft, it has Su-25SM, Su-24M, Su-34 in its inventory.

Sukhoi Su-35 - Wikipedia
Russian Air Force’s primary fighter jet Su-35. Picture Courtesy:

Bomber aircraft include MiG-31K (Bomber as well as interceptor aircraft) and strategic bombers like Tu-22M3, Tu-95, Tu-160. A-50 or A50U, Il-22 and Il-80 serve as the electronic warfare aircraft.

Putin Proposes Civilian Version of Tupolev Tu-160 Bomber - Aviation News
Russian Air Force’s most advanced Tu-160 Supersonic strategic Bomber. Picture Courtesy:

As of fighter aircraft, Russian Air Force has a many high tech aircraft which include MiG-29, MiG-35, Su-27, Su-30, Su-35 and Su-57 (5th Generation stealth fighter jet).

There are many more planes specifically made for tanker, transport and trainer purposes.

Russian Air Force’s primary Tanker aircraft is Il-78. Aircraft used for transportation purposes are Il-76, Il-112, An-22, An-26, An-124, An-140 and An-148.

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