Sniper Rifles- Long Range Guns

Sniper rifles are an important part of weapons arsenal of modern armies. They are mainly used for long range combats, elimination of high value targets. They are mainly used during battles where a soldier can get to a high spot and use these long range guns to eliminate enemy soldiers one by one without giving much information about his position. The world ‘sniper’ means hitting from a long range. Sniper Rifles are large caliber weapons which can kill a person in a single shot. Here is our list of most popular sniper rifles:

  1. M 1903 Scoped Sniper Rifle.
  2. M 24 Sniper Rifle
  3. Dragunov SVD
  4. AWM Sniper Rifle
  5. M 200 Intervention Sniper Rifle
  6. M 40 Sniper Rifle
  7. L96A1 Sniper Rifle
  8. M 21 Sniper Rifle
  9. Tabuk Rifle System
  10. Steyr Scout Sniper Rifle
  11. M 82 Barret Sniper Rifle
  12. Heckler and Koch PGS1
Sniper Rifles,
AWM Sniper Rifle. Picture Courtesy:

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