British Army: Land Fighting Force of the Great Britain

British Army is the land fighting force and the largest component of the Armed Forces of United Kingdom of Great Britain . Even though it ranks 30th in the world’s largest armies list, it is one of the most modern and advance armies in the world.

British Army
Soldiers in the British Army during an exercise. Picture Courtesy:

The British Army has also participated in several United Nations Peace Keeping missions, Rescue operations, military operations, counter-terrorism operations and counter-insurgency missions.

It is one of the oldest armies in the world. It was founded on the New Year Day of 1660 i.e. 1st January 1660. It also played an important role in the Napoleonic wars and the world wars.

It has a total of 1,02,250 personnel out of which 75,000 are active-duty personnel and 27,250 are reserve personnel. This is one of the smallest army in our list and in the world.

This small army is controlled by the U.K Parliament. The Chief of General Staff is the Commander and Queen Elizabeth ll is the patron of the British Army.  

When it comes to Equipment, it has only 227 tanks, 895 Armored Fighting Vehicles and 623 Infantry Fighting Vehicles.

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