Stoner 63: American carbine assault rifle

Stoner 63

Type: Stoner 63 is a Modular Weapon System, Rifle, Carbine, Assault Rifle, Light Machine Gun and a Squad Automatic Weapon.

In service: 1963-1983 (U.S)

Designer: Eugene Stoner, L. James Sullivan, Robert Fremont

Designed in: 1963

Mass: 3.52-5.30 kg (7.75-11.68 lb) (Depending on variant)

Length: 675.6-1,022 mm (26.6-40.25 in)

Cartridge: 5.56x45mm NATO

Action: Gas-operated, rotating bolt

Rate of fire: 700-1000 rounds/min

Effective firing range: 200-1,000 m

Maximum firing range: 2,653 m

Sights: Iron sights.

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