Reasons for German Defeat in World War 2

Mistakes by Nazi Germany were mistakes by Adolf Hitler. Hitler was the Supreme Leader (Fuhrer) of Germany and was the Supreme Commander of German Armed Forces and all decisions made by him were final. Four Mistakes Hitler made cost him his life and Germany seven and a half decades of sovereignty.

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Mistakes made by Hitler were:

Hitler made great achievements until 1940. Germany invaded world’s second largest empire (France) in just six weeks. Hitler’s power was at its peak by the end of 1941. Hitler’s yearning to expand Germany’s boundaries to Western Europe, in a historic blunder, attacked the Soviet Union on 22nd June, 1941 (Operation Barabossa).

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The attack on Soviet Union forced Hitler and his armies to concentrate on both Eastern and Western fronts simultaneously. On one side were United States and Britain trying to get a break-through in occupied France and on the other side were Soviets trying to reverse German Advance and push them into their territory. Attack on Soviet Union before taking Britain out of war was a huge mistakes by Germans.

In an attempt to take Britain out of war, Hitler did not give German Forces in enough support which it required, in Africa. If he would have done it, Germans would have cut of Britain’s control of Suez Canal and Asia. Hitler stationed one of his best generals in Africa, but that was not enough.

German Tiger Tank during a refit

Hitler being a super strategist, managed to push the Soviets just few miles away from their capital- Moscow by the end of mid 1943. Then Hitler came up with a decision which changed the whole war scenario. Hitler had divided German Army fighting in the Eastern Front into three parts- Army Group North, Army Group Center and Army Group South. Army Group North was ordered to take control of the Soviet city of Leningrad. Army Group Center was objected to occupy Soviet Capital Moscow. Army Group South was directed to southern part of Soviet Union to occupy the Caucasus, so Hitler can cut Soviets from their oil supplies. By the end of mid 1943, when Army Group Center was few miles away from occupying Moscow, Hitler came up with a decision whether to let Army Group Center continue its advance or send its flanks to support Army Group North and Army Group South in completing their respective tasks.

As Army Group Center’s flanks went to support in North and South, Army Group Center got weakened and its advance was also slowed by mobilization of Soviet war reserves. This was a huge mistake made by Hitler. This stopped Germans a few steps away from a possible victory. If Germans had done it in the proper way, Soviet Union would have been out of war and Germany would have obtained complete control over Europe.

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One More mistake that Hitler Should not have committed have was sending the 4th Panzer Army early to occupy the Caucuses and leaving 6th Army alone to occupy Stalingrad. Soviet managed to protect Stalingrad and also used Hitler own strategy on him by encircling the 6th Army. This was the start of downfall of German Armies in the South.

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