AR 10: American Assault Rifle

Type: Battle rifle

Full name: ArmaLite AR-10

In service: 1960-1976 (Portugal), 1958-1985 (Sudan)

Designer: Eugene stoner

Manufacturer: ArmaLite, Artillerie-Inrichtingen (AI), Colt’s Manufacturing Company                        

Mass: 3.29-4.05 kg (7.25-8.9 lb) without magazine

Length: 1,050 mm (41.3 in)

Barrel length: 528 mm (20.8 in)

Cartridge: 7.62×51 mm NATO .308 Winchester

Action: Direct impingement, rotating bolt

Rate of fire: 700round/min

Effective firing range: 600 m (656 yd)

Feed system: 20-round detachable box magazine

Sights: Adjustable aperture rear sight, fixed post front sight.

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