GIAT FAMAS: French Bullpup Assault Rifle

Type: Bullpup assault rifle

Place of origin: France

Designer: Paul Tellie

Designed in: 1967-1971

In service: 1978-present

Mass: 3.61 kg (7.96 lb)

Length: 757 mm (29.8 in) (without bayonet), 965 mm (38 in) (with bayonet)

Cartridge: 5.56x45mm NATO

Action: Lever-delayed blowback

Rate of fire: 900-1,000 rounds/min

Effective firing range: 300 m

Maximum firing range: 3200 m

Feed system: 25-round detachable magazine

Sights: Rear aperture fitted with tritium night inserts front post.

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