Daewoo K1A- South Korean Assault Rifle

Type: Assault rifle, Carbine, Personal defense weapon and Sub-machine gun

Place of origin: Republic of korea

In Service: 1981-present

Designer: Daewoo Precision Industries

Designed in: 1977-1982

Manufacturer: Daewoo Precision Industries, S&T Daewoo and S&T Motiv

Mass: 2.87 kg (6.3 lb)

Length: 838 mm (33 in) (extended stock), 653 mm (25.7 in) (retracted stock)

Cartridge: 5.56x45mm

Action: Gas-operated, rotating bolt (direct impingement)

Rate of fire: 750-900 rounds/min

Muzzle velocity: 820 m/s (2700 ft/s)

Effective firing range: 300 m

Feed system: STANAG magazines àSights: Iron sights

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