FN FNC- Belgian Assault Rifle

FN FNC assault rifle with fixed stock

Type: Assault rifle

Place of origin: Belgium

Designer: FN Herstal

Designed in: 1975-77

Manufacturer: FN Herstal, PT Pindad, Bofors Carl Gustaf

Mass: Rifle- 3.840 kg (8.74 lb), Carbine- 3.7 kg (8.2 lb)

Length: Rifle: 997 mm (39.3 in) stock extended, 766 mm (30.2 in) stock folded, Carbine: 911 mm (35.9 in) stock extended / 667 mm

Cartridge: 5.56×45 NATO

Action: Gas-operated long bolt piston, rotating bolt

Rate of fire: 700 rds/min (approx)

Effective firing range: 250-400 m

Maximum firing range: 450 m

Sights: Rear flip aperture, front post 513 mm.

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